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Picklefest 6: The Pasco Punk Scene at its Spiciest

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Every year The Horribles, a punk band based out of New Port Richey, FL, throws a

The Horribles via Jackson Tujo

festival in Pasco County, FL called Picklefest. This year’s edition took place at the Vault in Holiday, FL. The festival featured two nights. The first night was metal night and featured brutal sets from bands such as Oceans End, Moksha, Collapsor, and Corrupted Saint. Oceans End’s guitarist and singer, Will Birdwell, even played a pickle shaped guitar for a song before destroying it.

Night 2 was punk night and featured high energy performances by bands such as the hosting Horribles, Rotten Stitches, and Lion’s Law. Lion’s Law is a world-renowned punk band all the way from France, and the Vault made sure they knew they were appreciated. I did as well, having been thrown onto the stage, knocking over their mic stand, while taking pics during their set. In a fest that featured all you can eat pickles, somehow the music was the star. I have been to many shows at the Vault in Holiday and by far this fest was the most energetic. There is a real community being formed at the Vault and I am here for it.

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