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Phoneboy's New Single "What a Coward"

Phoneboy recently released their third single, "What a Coward," off of their upcoming sophomore album, "Moving Out," which is set to release on March 24th. "What a Coward" follows their two previous singles, "Ferrari" and "Runaway." All three singles encapsulate the indie genre well by being upbeat-synth-filled paradoxes with melodramatic lyrics rooted in nostalgia and judgment of the world around you.

"What a Coward" and "Ferrari" tie into one another, with two music videos that follow the same storyline and explore the vast expanse of the members' childhoods. Phoneboy is a trio comprised of Ricky, Wyn, and James, who have all just recently left their school days behind in exchange for songs far beyond their years, proving the band has a lot to offer. These songs are danceable, energetic, and share similarities with many bands that dominated in the mid twenty-teens, such as The Wombats, Vampire Weekend, Twenty One Pilots, and M83, while bringing a new youthfulness to the indie genre.

Phoneboy originated in New Jersey, but will be touring all across the United States on their very own headline tour in the coming months. They accredit much of their success to their friends and social media, which they have mixed views on due to the over-saturation of alarming headlines. This band was brought up in a time similar to much of Gen Z, who is now exploring their music taste, and they urge these new music fans to break free from the chains of apps like TikTok and get out on the dance floor. It's hard not to with these pop-forward ballads.

This band also has beautiful vinyl variations of "Moving Out" available for presale, as well as pre-save on all music streaming platforms.

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