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pH-1 "About Damn Time" Tour in Atlanta

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

The Korean-American rapper pH-1 brought the first leg of his highly anticipated "About Damn Time" tour to nine cities across North America. On January 30th, the 5th stop on his tour was held in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Buckhead Theatre.

The night started off with a set from Korean-American Hip Hop artist Ted Park. He started off with his 2021 single, “Adore You, Dior You,” and his 2019 single, “Friend of Mine.” The audience loved it when he continued his performance by bringing out Parlay Pass to perform their songs “Butterfly,” “Over n Over,” and “Dance Like Jay Park.”

pH-1 via Kristian Brown

Right before pH-1 took the stage, all you could see in the crowd were fans with their phones up ready to capture the moment he came on stage. With the excitement of the audience, pH-1 began his performance with his 2020 single, “MEET N GREET.” The energy was electric as he performed songs from his 2022 album "But For Now Leave Me Alone," such as “Zombies,” “Tipsy,” “Yuppie Ting,” “Mr. Bad,” “Juliette!" and “Break the Glass.” He also performed the songs “Malibu,” “Like Me,” and “Olaf” from his 2019 album "HALO." In the moments between songs, pH-1 enjoyed some fun moments with fans, including handing out three of the polaroid pictures he took with the audience to a few lucky fans and introducing the audience to the tour’s chant. pH-1 ended the show with performances of the songs “Good Day,” “iffy,” and “Oscar.” Even though the show was coming to an end, fans’ excitement didn’t die down when these songs were performed.

Overall, the show was amazing, and the energy was electrifying. The fans were hyped for the entire show and seemed to know the words to EVERY single song. If you aren’t a fan of pH-1, when you go to one of his concerts, you definitely will become one once the concert ends! Although the North American leg of his tour has already been completed, the Asia and Europe legs of his tour are coming up. For information on these tour dates, click here (Asia) or here (Europe).

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