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Perennial’s "Art History," Where Punk Rock, And Experimentalism Are Fused

Perennial is a New England trio, consisting of electric organist Chelsey Hahn, guitarist Chad Jewett, and drummer Ceej Dioguardi. Art History is the latest album by the trio released on June 7th, 2024. The sound of this project is dynamic and captivating. Art History is influenced by punk rock and experimental music.  It is an overall 20-minute listen, and this project is fun and energetic, featuring 12 tracks:

1. Art History

2. Tambourine On Snare

3. Action Painting

4. Jet Set Mono

5. A Is For Abstract

6. Up-tight

7. How The Ivy Crawls

8. Tiger Technique

9. Mouthful Of Bees

10. B Is For Brutalism

11. The Mystery Tone

12. Perennial Meets The Wolfman

This project is energetic and passionate. Overall, it has a fun punk-rock feel and is much more detailed when you listen with earphones, since it has different musical tones, mixing the two genres.

The album has a more experimental-oriented approach within the songs, but it all comes together when you listen to the interludes. All of them are instrumental and named things like, ‘A for Abstract’ and ‘B for Brutalism.’

The sixth song, named "Up-tight," has loads of energy. The LP so far has been very punk-rock, and right after the interludes, around mid-way of this energetic song you hear for the first time in the album some calmer vocals that we do not always experience on this project.

"How the Ivy Crawls" is a song that stands out to me and is my favorite in Art History. The vocals in this song are heavy, and the sound is fun and chaotic. However, as you progress, you will hear soft-driven vocals that create a beautiful contrast within the song. The song ends with a distinct sound that echoes in your ears, reminiscent of the gentle vocals we had earlier in this track.

The final track, "Perennial Meets The Wolfman," reflects their heavier sound. The raw punk energy and captivating vocals create the perfect concluding atmosphere for the project.

Art History by Perennial is a project that I recommend because it seamlessly melds the raw energy of punk-rock with a daring experimental touch, resulting in a captivating sonic experience. It has soft sides and intriguing arrangements that will make you attentive to this short listen.

You can listen to this project here

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