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"Past Time" by Cade Hoppe

Following the Indie-pop singer and songwriter Cade Hoppe’s recent single, “Faded Love”, “Past Time” is an energetic song about nostalgia for past relationships. Cade starts this song with simplistic piano and background sounds, which immerses the listener into Cade's world. “Past Time” transcends from an airy piano ballad into an upbeat song with anthemic rhythm sections and glittery synths which display Cade’s emotions and the ups-and-downs of past relationships…

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Cade sings lyrics such as, “don’t you think about me/ we had such a good time / just ignore the last time,” which might be reminiscent of some listener’s experiences in relationships; that everything has been great if they just ignore the last thing that just happened. While the music and feel of the song bring about feelings of anticipation and optimism, Cade’s lyrics seem to reflect the opposite.

Cade also sings lyrics like, “Don’t you hear my heartbeat, ‘cause it’s always beating in fast time, living in a past time,” referring to the excitement one can think back to in a relationship and the difference of feelings they have now. The contradiction found in the energetic and lively instrumentation versus the reminiscent and regret-filled lyrics creates a bit of confusion in what to feel - maybe something listeners might find synonymous with these kinds of relationships.

Cade Hoppe finishes this single strong with only an echoing synth left in place of strong vocals and heavy rhythm sections… With the release of “Past Time”, Cade’s discography is beginning to show confidence and clarity that is profoundly shown within this “windows-down-on-a-late-night-drive” ballad.

You can learn more about Cade here.

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