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OVER AGAIN by Negative 25

OVER AGAIN cover art

Following their slew of singles that have come after their debut album in 2022, idk i think we can change this later, Negative 25 released their third song of 2023. The sibling duo, Brett and Bradley Anderson, started their current project, Negative 25 (a reference to the movie, 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty'), in 2021 after relocating from Florida to Nashville. Originally, the brothers started out as an indie folk band known as Brother Brother, opening for bands like The Mowgli's and playing festivals across Florida. But, after moving on their own to Nashville, Brett and Bradley found themselves in a predicament where the indie folk sound didn't represent their identity as individuals, so they chose to start the band that makes pop music for emo kids. Since starting this project, the band has been building up their alt-pop fanbase and hitting milestones in the music industry, including surpassing streaming goals with each release. 'OVER AGAIN' is the first song the brothers are releasing with their new label, but even with this change in representation, they still deliver an emo pop banger for their fanbase. Staying true to their style, 'OVER AGAIN' will have you bopping your head to the hyper-pop musicality and crying to absolutely devastating lyrics, like, "I've been waking up to someone else in bed. Same face as you, but her eyes look dead." This new single is one that you can easily play on a loop in your car and lose your voice singing along to it. With this song, the sibling duo perfectly encapsulates the sound that represents them as artists and as individuals who have resonated with their fanbase. If you haven't already, you're going to want to stream this new song and check out the rest of Negative 25's discography while you're at it.

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