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Oracle Sisters open for Declan McKenna for his 'Big Return' to Richmond, VA

Declan McKenna has begun his long-awaited "Big Return": an extensive tour consisting of 50+ shows around North America. This past Tuesday, June 6th, 2023, the music-lovers of Richmond were graced with Declan McKenna and Oracle Sisters at The National.

There are a plethora of music venues that reside in the state of Virginia. Of these venues, there are few that are as magical as The National in Richmond, VA. Or maybe the love for this particular venue stems from the amazing artists that have hypnotized the city into coming back. This show was no exception.

Oracle Sisters by Han Southers

Oracle Sisters, a paris-based band composed of three radiant artists, is touring the United States for their very first time. This band captured the true essence of indie rock, while experimenting with intimate, earthy folk sounds. The set consisted of seven or eight versatile tracks which flowed effortlessly and mesmerized the audience. My favorite part: overhearing the crowd discuss the band in between the sets with the general agreement that Oracle Sisters rocked.

Declan McKenna by Han Southers

After the excited discourse of the enthralling opener, Declan McKenna fans anticipated his arrival (and return) to the stage. The house lights dimmed and the crowd held their breath. Playing beloved songs such as "Why Do You Feel So Down" and "Brazil", Declan knew exactly what would ignite the crowd. It is a difficult feat, making such a thunderous comeback, but Declan McKenna did more than just handle it: he owned it.

These artists brought the audience back to the room where everything began, back to the raw feeling of hearing a song for the first time and falling in love with the mind behind it. For some in the crowd, it was their first time hearing Oracle Sisters, but certainly not their last. Oracle Sisters won over the hearts of Richmond, Virginia.

"The Big Return" tour has just begun. If you want to catch Oracle Sisters, they will be riding out the next seven shows alongside Declan McKenna. Additionally, Oracle Sisters will be playing at The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Tennessee on June 16. If you have yet to have the riveting experience of seeing Oracle Sisters live, I highly recommend keeping your eyes peeled for their upcoming shows. Until then, take action to integrate their music into your life. You will thank me later.

All images of Oracle Sisters and Declan McKenna by Han Southers


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