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Operator Error by We Are Scientists

We have an amazing indie rock tune to add to our perfect September playlists! We Are Scientists are back with a new single, "Operator Error," available on all streaming platforms. Let's get into why we will have this song on repeat for days!


"Operator Error" is the first single off their next album, "LOBES," which will greet the world on January 20th. This song is perfect to hype us for the album! The instrumental has some good additions that mark the rhythm incredibly well, especially in the chorus, with those guitars that add many layers to that part of the single. As you know from our previous articles, we love amazing bridges, and "Operator Error" is a great contender for one of our favorite bridges of the year. The vocals and the lyrics throughout it are great! "Operator Error" brings us inside that feeling of arguing over small things but not being as proactive on more important issues. Keith Murray, the vocalist/guitarist of the group, explains how he "has a tendency to deliver hot takes and to get extraordinarily overheated about utterly inconsequential things," which describes the meaning behind the single. The band has also released a visualizer for this track. Check it out below!

If you are as pumped to listen to "LOBES" as we are, click here to pre-order and pre-save the album and to follow We Are Scientists everywhere! The band will also tour around Europe starting in February next year! The ticket presale is happening now, and the general sale will start this Friday (September 30th), Be sure to grab your tickets here!

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