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Of The Roses Discuss Their Formation And Future

On January 21st I sat down with Of The Roses, an indie rock/ pop band from Austin, Texas. The band was started by Serenity Autumn and Josh Delarosa. Throughout the interview, we get to learn a little bit about the two and what they hope to achieve in the coming years both as individuals and as a band. If there’s anything you can expect from these two is a fun time and an energetic show with eclectic and catchy tunes.

How did you guys meet?

Serenity Autumn: We’re both originally from San Antonio Texas, which is just an hour away from Austin, and at the time I was studying audio and playing guitar in a volunteer theater cabaret band. It was super cool just like, it was like a 2-hour kind of variety show really. So, they needed a band and I volunteered so I needed to find people. So we kind of found each other through mutual friends in the scene and stuff. He was in a few bands but I asked him to play bass and I’d play guitar and that’s, that’s how we met and we kind of vibed through like at the rehearsals and stuff, and eventually we found out that we loved all the same specific kind of music and then we just love being around each other and that kind of thing so eventually we started songwriting.

Where is everyone from?

Serenity: We say we’re from Austin. We’re from San Antonio but the band is from Austin. We’ve been here years and it’s like they’re so close to each other that we just consider both like a conglomerate.

Did you guys have a main inspiration to create this band or was it something that just kind of formed after that cabaret band?

Serenity: A little of both

Do you guys have any kind of backstory to the name or was it just something you guys thought was cool?

Serenity: Actually, yeah yeah his last name is Delarosa so, from Spanish that translates to “of the rose” and since at the time we were a couple we were the Delarosa‘s so we thought “of the roses”

If you guys could describe your band's style in three words what do you think they would be?

Josh Delarosa: Of. The. Roses.

Serenity: Rock and roll I guess at the heart of it, and then three style words I would say Eclectic, energetic, and catchy

Have there been any bands or artists that inspire the style of music you make?

Serenity: Oh definitely

Josh: It’s a mixture of other bands that have two guitars in them and there’s a lot of really good music that serenity turned me onto and one of them is France Bernadad I never really got into their discography before we met. Listening to their stuff and it’s just very clean harmonic almost and I like that. Where almost two guitars are singing, and that absolutely inspired me with our music and what I’m playing, what we’re both playing. “falling through” is influenced by that as well as Sleater Kinny it has 2 guitars and 2 singers and is really interesting how two guitarists and two singers can play together but play two separate things and it works well, but it doesn’t sound like just a wall of sound. It’s like an orchestra almost.

Serenity: Personally, when I think of our overall sound, I try to compare it to well I guess I compare it to artists that throughout their discography and don’t sound the same they either evolve or they just go in a different direction that they’re not used to but they’re trying. I love St Vincent I’m obsessed with her but I try to do my own thing I try to make it my own but I love how she could shift and make it sound so natural. David Bowie, Kate Bush, Talking Heads, we love all of those artists.

What do you like most about being in this band?

Josh: Man, I like that I’m playing with great musicians, and everyone is good at what They’re playing And I feel like a band. Initially, When we were looking for other people we were looking for like a supergroup. We wanted a bassist that was very good at playing bass and a drummer that’s good at playing the drums and people that were so comfortable with their instruments that we could show them songs And they could just kind of like all right I got something for it And I honestly feel like we do have that.

Serenity: My favorite thing about being in this band honestly is Playing with Josh

What’s your favorite place to perform? Do you guys have a favorite venue?

Josh: “meanwhile” that stage was brilliant I mean it’s so huge

Serenity: Hanovers

Josh: Hanovers had the best sound and the reason why I say it had the best sound was because the sound person also does sound at other places too And he just honed in.

What is one place that you guys want to perform?

Serenity: Royal Albert Hall in London and Red Rocks in Colorado

Josh: Here locally I would like to play the main stage outside of Stubs and of course, majestic Empire in San Antonio and Albert Hall

Where do you guys hope to see yourself in five years?

Serenity: I mean, I would hope it would be touring by then

Josh: For me, the end goal is playing music and having a fan base, and making a comfortable living while doing it.

Have you guys thought about touring anytime soon I know that you’re a new band but have you thought about anything for the upcoming year or year and a half?

Serenity: Oh, definitely the only thing keeping us is money

What should people expect when coming to your shows?

Josh: We color coordinate… we tend to get dressed up and what do they say? "dress like the job you want". We take pride in how we look really as much as we sound.

Serenity: We wanna see a show that’s fun and energetic like those people obviously love what they fucking do.


Listen or watch the full interview below!

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