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Oceans Niagara by M83

Courtesy of M83's social media

M83 released a new single titled "Oceans Niagara" on January 10th, preceding their album "Fantasy," which is set to release on March 17th, 2023, and will be followed by a spring tour in April/May. This new release is enticing listeners and grabbing the attention of many since M83's previous release was in 2020, just a month after the COVID lockdown had begun. M83 comes from the mind of Anthony Gonzalez and was popularized around the early twenty-teens, even gaining motion-picture success by being featured in movies like "Oblivion," "The Fault in Our Stars," "Divergent," and "Knife+Heart." Despite this delayed success, Anthony has released music under this alias since the early 2000s. M83 has a very experimental, whimsical, and dystopian-like sound, combining elements of acoustic rock ballads with digital effects. Their sound captivates and entrances listeners by transporting them to a different realm. Their most popular songs are "Midnight City," "Wait," and "Outro," which all come from "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming," released in 2011.

Their new single, "Oceans Niagara," features some of the same elements that gained them popularity: vague lyrics, electronica dance pop vibes, and rhythmic guitar. It features a mere 2-word phrase: "Beyond adventure," which repeats three times, layered overtop of their unique sound. The song was released accompanied by a music video that includes the same dream-like elements featured in their sound through the imagery of mythical creatures and bright colors. This single only proves many theories about the "Tumblr" era making a resurgence, as hearing it brought a wave of nostalgia and a rekindled love for this band. Many, including myself, are incredibly stoked to see where this album goes sonically.

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