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Not The 1975 by Knox

"Not The 1975" Cover Art

From R&B to pop-punk and hip-hop to rock, Knox's versatility is put on display once again as he defies the limitations of a single genre. Knox has quickly taken the music industry by storm from his debut EP How To Lose A Girl In 7 Songs to his latest single "Love Letter," and his new single Not The 1975 is no exception to the stellar music he is releasing in this new era of pop/rock. "Not The 1975" is the type of song that makes you want to put on a tweed suit and dance in the streets of London. The new single displays the true definition of irony as the lyrics state, "She said, 'I like your confidence, but you're not The 1975,'" with the song being written and produced in the unique alternative/indie style of The 1975. The song also pays tribute to the English pop/rock band's discography with references to songs like "Looking for Somebody (To Love)," "Oh Caroline," and "Chocolate" embedded in the lyrics. The single is out just in time as Knox was announced as a special guest on the Nightly Wear Your Heart Out Tour, beginning in October 2023. "Not The 1975" is available on all music streaming platforms now, and we highly recommend you give it a listen.

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