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Not Enough by Kaylee Lauren

“Not Enough” is the latest single by 17 year-old singer-songwriter Kaylee Lauren. The Los Angeles native worked with producer Marky Styles on this emotional release. This is a song about being stuck in your head with self-destructive thoughts and the struggle to open up about this pain. These are incredibly widespread feelings. I think we all struggle with comparing ourselves to our peers. We all struggle with self-doubt. Many of us struggle with depression. Yet, it is incredibly difficult to talk about so it is great to have songs like these to relate to.

The first thing to stick out about this song is Kaylee’s beautiful voice. The verses start off with a really soft but catchy melody but she shows off her range and versatility in the powerful and boomy chorus. The lyrics are extremely catchy, but the reason that Kaylee’s fans have connected is because of the substance behind the lyrics. Kaylee puts real trauma and pain into her words. It really helps me connect as I have felt these same emotions and I am sure the average listener can relate as well. The song is also extremely well composed; the strings and beat really add to the weight behind her words. However, there is a fun kind of vibe that listeners can bob their head or dance to.

Overall, this is an incredible effort by Kaylee Lauren. She channeled pain and trauma into a catchy song with substance that you can dance or cry to. This is an incredibly mature release this early into her career. I look forward to hear what she comes up with in the future.

You can find all things Kaylee Lauren here.

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