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Noah Kahan Creates Intimate Memories At The Egyptian Room

Noah Kahan is an incredible performer who instantly makes his crowd feel comfortable in his presence. The Egyptian Room (Indianapolis) lit up on February 7 with his live show. From the moment he ran out on stage, his entire presence filled the room. He barely made it two steps onto the stage before the crowd erupted into cheers and applause. His little braids and sweet smile make him feel like such a warm and approachable person. He started off the show by talking with the fans and telling them how thankful he was that it was a sold-out show that night, and it felt very genuine. Before launching into each song, he gave a little bit of background about why the song was what it was, which honestly felt like we all were able to have a personal connection to them, making them much more special.

I absolutely loved that the entire crowd knew all of the lyrics to his songs, and it was

clear he loved that too. He had the biggest smile on his face. I could hear the crowd singing loudly back to him the entire time. Another thing I loved was that the band seemed to really enjoy each other and performing. It was very evident in the way that they interacted with each other. It was sweet to see them support each other.

Noah as a performer is full of vivacious energy and spent a lot of time moving around the stage while he sang. His energy captivated the crowd and made the show itself feel like it flew by. By the time the show ended, I genuinely didn’t want to leave. We all would’ve been happy if the show had been another hour.

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