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Noah Cyrus Makes A Sold-Out Stop In Charlotte, NC

On Saturday, September 16th, Noah CyrusThe Hardest Part Tour made a stop in Charlotte, North Carolina for a sold-out show. Anna Bates opened for Noah, with Van Andrew joining her on stage.

Photo by Montana Donahue

Anna Bates started the show with her lovely folk sound. She, as well as Van Andrew, provided the crowd with beautiful harmonies to get them warmed up and their ears open for Noah. They played some original songs, as well as a cover of a Bruce Springteen song. Between some of her songs, she provided us with some insight on what that song was about, or what led to her writing said song. They had great chemistry on stage as well as with the crowd. Anna Bates and Van Andrew have a great career ahead of them, definitely check them out for a pleasurable folk time!

Photo by Montana Donahue

Photo by Montana Donahue

As soon as 9:00 o’clock hit, chants of “Noah!” “Noah!” “Noah!” began. When she graced the stage, the crowd roared. She started the show with “Stand Still,” she seamlessly flowed into her next two songs, “Mr. Percocet” and then “Unfinished.” As she started her fourth song after conversing with the crowd, she stopped for a safety issue that arose. All was fine, but the immediate concern over her fans shows how much she cares and wants everyone to have a fun and safe time. She played songs from her The Hardest Part album, that was released in 2022, as well as her EP, THE END OF EVERYTHING, that was released in 2020. She ended her set with an encore of “Lonely,” “Make Me (Cry),” and “The End of Everything.

Noah definitely inherited her family's musical talent. Her music consists of an acoustic pop, folk, classic country sound. Her voice is rich and absolutely beautiful. Throughout her performance, she showed off her impressive vocal range, hitting soft high notes to deep low notes. She didn’t shy away from letting her voice out. It was such a joy to listen to, especially from a former choir kid who loved the loud and passionate parts of songs!

She is a lovely performer to watch as well. She may not be running back and forth and throwing her hair around, but she creates an ethereal environment that fits her entire vibe. Her body language helps the viewer understand what parts are emotional and what parts are leading you along the way. She is truly a story teller through her song lyrics and her body movements.

Photo by Montana Donahue

Noah also gave her fans a chance to win a signed vinyl by registering to vote. She partnered with HeadCount to encourage concert goers to participate in the upcoming elections! It’s exciting when artists get involved and stress how important it is for everyone to also get involved. She is an incredible artist that I highly recommend seeing live. She still has tour stops and festival dates until the 1st of October, so get your tickets now because many dates are low!

Photos of Noah Cyrus, Anna Bates, and Van Andrew by Montana Donahue