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Nikita Lev Releases "Elegance"

If you like songs by Olivia O'Brien, then you'll like the New-York based singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Nikita Lev.

The song "Elegance" is a song that introduces tension between nostalgia and modernity, this song will be the lead single off of her forthcoming EP "Clearly Misunderstood" which she examines the comparison between entering adulthood and the carelessness of being a free-spirited youth. She states that while she was experiencing intense writers block when she wrote the song "I was thinking about what it feels like to be a kid, when you know everything, and how as an adult you feel like you don't know anything."

Imagine if Lana Del Rey made a song about transitioning from childhood to entering adulthood with an instrumental that is like a slower-ballad version of 'Willow' by Taylor Swift, that's what this song sounds like from a musical perspective. Nikita will be performing 'Elegance' at Hotel Ziggy on the day of the release, performing alongside acts like Vella, YDE, Annie Omally, and Max Mercier.

You can check out Nikita's Socials and Music on her Website!!

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