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Nightly Brings The Visual Performance of a Lifetime to Nashville

Photo of Joseph Beretta by Sarah Rosin

"This will always be our home." Nightly's sold out performance in Nashville on November 16th was certainly one to remember. The band, made up of singer Jonathan Capeci, drummer Nicholas Sainato, and guitarist Joseph Beretta, brought the theatrics to their performance with the use of props and insane visuals playing behind them for the entire performance.

Photo of Abby Holliday by Sarah Rosin

Abby Holliday set the vibes by starting off the night with a moody set. Knox followed up with an energetic set, bringing out guests from Nashville to perform with him, including bringing up Charlotte Sands to perform their song "We're Not In Love Anymore."

Photo of Knox by Sarah Rosin

Once Knox finished his set, Nightly was up next. A short video preceded their performance bringing the audience's attention to Charity Water, an organization dedicated to providing clean drinking water around the world to those in need. During their set, the band explained how grateful they were to be given the opportunity that they have and that they want to use the platform their fans have given them by turning around and giving to others.

Photo by Sarah Rosin

The show began with the lights going out and one single light illuminated behind a payphone that began to ring. Nightly then entered the stage with Jon (singer) answering the phone with the voice on the other end announcing the start of the show. That single theatric set the tone for the quality of the performance that the crowd would be seeing for the rest of the night, each visual topping the last.

Photo of Nightly and Knox by Sarah Rosin

With the tour being in celebration of their latest album, wear your heart out, Nightly played through the album while also including fan favorites, like "dirty white chucks" and "hate my favorite band." They also took the opportunity to play some songs off their album that was released at the start of the pandemic, since the Wear Your Heart Out Tour was their comeback to touring after the pandemic. The band also brought out Knox to perform the song that features Nightly on his EP, "Miss When You Missed Me." We even got to see some of Nightly's silly side with Nicholas Sainato coming to center stage to perform the iconic follow-up to "whiskey"—"whiskey, pt. 2."

Photo of Nicholas Sainato by Sarah Rosin

Nightly is a huge inspiration to many artists in Nashville, having started out by coming to Nashville with a dream and playing their songs to rooms of 150 people. They built up their success starting with nothing but love of music and spent years pitching their band to people in the music industry only to hear, "No," over and over again. Even with so many people telling them not to pursue their dreams, they continued to put out music including one of their most popular songs that they were told not to release, "Twenty Something." By simply doing what they knew was best for their band, Nightly's fans showed up proving any music executives wrong who ever told them, "No." All of this led up to a sold out show at the Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville. As Nightly finished their set, the crowd erupted in applause as the hometown heroes that represent the dreams of thousands in Nashville closed out their tour. The applause brought the band to tears, and Jonathan Capeci shared, "Coming back home to a sold out show at the Brooklyn Bowl is one of the most insane things we've ever done as a band. This will always be our home."

Photo of Jonathan Capeci by Sarah Rosin

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