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Niall Horan Welcomes Everyone to “The Show”

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Lovers, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for! NH3 is finally on its way!

Niall Horan announced on Wednesday afternoon via his social media platforms that he is back with his heavily awaited third album, “The Show,” releasing June 9th, followed by the lead single “Heaven,” out this Friday, February 17th.

“This album is a piece of work I’m so proud of and now it’s time to pass it over to you to go make it your own.” Horan wrote in the caption of his announcement tweet.

The new 10-track record plus single will be Niall’s newest release since his collab with Anne-Marie in 2021 for "Our Song" and his first album release since the release of "Heartbreak Weather" in March 2020.

For the aesthetic feel of this album, it looks like we can expect a vintage, dreamy, summertime feel followed by colors of red, blues, and yellows, which makes the perfect theme for a summer release. From hearing the small clips of “Heaven” posted via TikTok, we can expect the typical Niall Horan sound we know and love of the guitars and harmonies. A perfect love ballad, as some would put it.

To celebrate the announcement of the album, Horan participated in a TikTok live to answer fans' questions about the new record. One fan asked, “Is it more like "Heartbreak Weather" or "Flicker?” to which Niall responded, “I would say it’s a good combination of both! Feels more like "Flicker" but it’s got a Heartbreak Weatherness to it too.”

That is not all we have awaiting for Niall fans. It was shown that when you pre-ordered the album from the Europe/UK stores, you would receive a pre-sale code for his upcoming UK/Ireland/European tour, which is rumored to be announced sometime in the summer this year, so be on the lookout, Lovers!

In the meantime, be one of the first to hear the new record live at one of the many festivals Niall is featured to play at here!

Join "The Show" by making sure to pre-save/pre-order the album here.

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