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My Chemical Romance: A Ghostly Experience

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

via Nolan Fisher

The world-famous rock band returns to the scene with a tour full of emotional roller-ghost-ers. Frontman Gerard Way has dressed in some iconic outfits on this tour, but his simple sheet ghost look spooked fans in Sunrise, Florida.

Around 15 thousand fans gathered at the FLA Live Arena for a sold out show in southern Florida, and it was one of the best experiences I've had.

The Homeless Gospel Choir and Midtown opened up the show with a bang; both bands put on a stellar performance. The fans went wild as members of My Chemical Romance came out during the openers to help out with a couple songs; Frank Iero paired with The Homeless Gospel Choir and Mikey Way with Midtown.

Fans chanted for MCR's entrance to the stage, which gave a feeling of unity amongst the fans and added to the long awaited anticipation of a show postponed twice. Once the band came out on stage a wave of excitement and awe was sent through the stadium. Jaws dropped when Gerard Way came on stage dressed as a sheet ghost. The band started the show with their most recent release "The Foundations of Decay", and the rest of the show included a combination of tracks mainly from their collections: "The Black Parade", "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge", and "Conventional Weapons". The sound, the lights, the stage design, the stage presence from the band members, and the fans excitement and energy--there's nothing else like it.

They ended the show on slow and emotional note with their song "Cancer". Fans exiting the venue in tears both from the show ending and sadness from the final song. This show was overall a wonderful experience and I a hundred percent recommend seeing My Chemical Romance at least once in your life. See their upcoming tour dates on their website.

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