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Movements Cause A RUCKUS! In Worcester

“Join in the crowd, join in the ruckus!”

On September 24th, Movements, a four-piece from Orange County, CA, made their way back to Worcester, MA. Alongside them, the bill included Heart To Gold, Softcult, and Mannequin Pussy.

Photo by Brittany Diprete

You could feel the buzz of excitement in the air as the crowd began to fill into the Palladium. Kicking off the show was Heart to Gold, coming from Minnesota. Despite this being my first introduction to them, I found myself feeling a deep sense of familiarity and joy during their set as if they had been one of my favorite bands for a long time.

Photo by Brittany Diprete

Up next was Softcult, a powerhouse female duo coming from Canada, strongly started off their set with a middle finger and a song titled “BWBB” (boys will be boys). Their message deep rooted in feminism and empowerment was clear throughout their set through their lyrics and the things said on stage. They're a must listen for anyone who enjoys soft grunge.

Photo by Brittany Diprete

Thirdly, Mannequin Pussy. Their set started with pure electricity and energy on stage that simply could not be contained. By the middle of the first song, they had the entire room up on their feet jumping and dancing around.

Photo by Brittany Diprete

Last but certainly not least, Movements. Coming off the incredible success of their latest studio album RUCKUS!, they opened with “You’re One Of Us Now." The setlist was the perfect combination of cult classic favorites and newer deep cuts. There’s so much to be said about Movements, from their gut punching instrumentals to the way they write lyrics about feelings you could have sworn you were alone in feeling. There is so much that resonates with each and every one of their fans, I have spent so many seasons of my life with Movements' music as the soundtrack. There’s a power they posses that I am incredibly, deeply, thankful for. Seeing a show from this group is such a healing feeling that I think everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

The RUCKUS! Tour is out on the road until 10/14/23. I think everyone should get tickets to this show if they have the opportunity to!

Photos of Movements, Heart To Gold, Softcult and Mannequin Pussy by Brittany Diprete


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