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MOLD! release first single in two years, "Don't Wake Me Up!"

Photo credit: Forrest Canaday

MOLD!, a Miami-based indie, noise-rock band have released their first piece of music since their last release in 2021. At the core of this band is a border and country-defying friendship, as guitarist Carlo Barbacci and bassist Bronto Montano were raised in Lima, Peru. Their mutual desire for a musical career brought them both to the U.S., and this shared love for music brought them together, along with drummer Frankie Lujan. They pull inspiration from iconic, experimental indie rock bands such as Yo La Tengo, taking their own experiences and style to create passionate, fierce music channeling their desire to develop and follow their musical passion.

"Don't Wake Me Up!" opens with an indie-rock riff before driving into Barbacci's vocals. After the first verse and chorus, the song travels into a noise-like, mini breakdown before the next verse begins. This pattern repeats a few times before finally venturing into the outro. There is a build-up that leads into heavier, more fast-paced drums and guitar riffs, with Barbacci's vocals going from a more lofi-punk style to one that is almost similar to midwest emo with the grit he uses when singing. Finally, the song fades out, slowly trailing off with nothing but noise until the song ends. The entire song is very fun, with a hypnotic indie groove to it. Their style is very fun to move and dance around, and it has a lot of energy.

To find more of MOLD! and to support them, you can follow them on their Instagram or Facebook!

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