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Metalcore Dropouts Semester 2 @ Starland Ballroom

As a continuation of their 2023 summer/fall tour, metalcore bands Fit For A King (FFAK) and The Devil Wears Prada (TDWP) hit the stage at Starland Ballroom on January 28th, bringing in fans from all over New Jersey for their Metalcore Dropouts Semester 2 tour. This co-headlining tour is supported by the return of Counterparts and the exciting addition of AVOID.

A horizontal photo of the stage at Starland Ballroom shot from the crowd. The lighting is teal.

Seattle-based metalcore band AVOID opened the show and unleashed an explosion of raw energy that filled the entire venue right away. The five-piece group poured their hearts into an exhilarating performance, setting the tone for a wild show. Despite a more intimate audience than usual at Starland, the energy of the crowd remained powerful as the pit was filled with moshing, dancing, and singing. 

A horizontal photo of the lead singer from the metalcore band AVOID.

Next was Counterparts, a Canadian metalcore group that joined the tour last year too. Each artist on the bill brought their own twists and turnsliterally and figurativelyto the metal scene and Counterparts was no exception. Their set was characterized by relentless energy and an unwavering commitment to pump up the crowd for the headlinerswhich they totally accomplished. 

A horizontal black and white photo of the lead singer of metalcore band Counterparts.

Given the co-headlining nature of the tour, the lineup switched each night between FFAK and TDWP. At Starland Ballroom, TDWP went first. With nearly two decades of experience in the metalcore scene, TDWP showcased their evolution and reinvention of metal music. The six-member touring band layered the stage, constantly switching places and ensuring that every moment of their set was charged with power. 

A horizontal photo of the lead singer of The Devil Wears Prada.
The Devil Wears Prada

FFAK closed out Metalcore Dropouts Semester 2 with pure passion, similar to how AVOID opened the show. From the very first note, it’s obvious that every single person on that stage has a profound love for music and the community it represents. Their performance was a testament to the enduring spirit of metal and the emotional pinnacle of the night just came before their encore with, “When Everything Means Nothing”, a powerful song about the complexities and struggles of navigating a tough life. As the song filled the room, tears flowed from fans and everyone sang along like they never had before. 

A horizontal photo of the guitarist from Fit For A King.
Fit For A King

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