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Melanie Martinez: Ethereal at Radio City

Melanie Martinez, the enchanting New Yorker, returned to her hometown with a spellbinding performance at Radio City Music Hall on June 28th. With her ethereal soundscapes and captivating visual aesthetics, Melanie Martinez has established herself as a visionary artist in the music industry. Inspired by the mystical realms of her imagination, she invites her audience on a journey through her latest album, PORTALS. Dressed in an otherworldly costume, adorned with a unique facial mask featuring four eyes, elf ears, pink skin, and a flowing white wig, Melanie's stage presence transported the crowd into a realm of fantasy. Her fans, who embraced the enchanting vibes, arrived dressed in their own elf and fairy paraphernalia, fully immersing themselves in the magical atmosphere.

Photo credit to Noemad Reid/MSGE

The show at Radio City Music Hall was a sold-out spectacle, with every seat filled from the pit to the orchestra and the balconies. As soon as Melanie appeared on stage, the crowd erupted in deafening screams of enthusiasm, demonstrating the deep connection they have with her music. Accompanied by elegant backup dancers, whose movements evoked the grace of interpretive dance and ballet, Melanie's performance was a mesmerizing fusion of music and visuals. With an explosive start with the song "DEATH," the show was on its way to being incredible.

Throughout the night, the stage came alive with dazzling light displays, complementing the ethereal atmosphere. From the giant spider web hoisted during the song "SPIDER WEB" to the captivating dragon visuals during "BATTLE OF THE LARYNX," each moment was meticulously crafted to enhance the mystical narrative.

Photo credit to Noemad Reid/MSGE

Melanie's setlist mirrored the tracklist of PORTALS, with the three encore songs being the deluxe tracks from the extended version of the album. The audience's excitement was palpable, erupting in ballistic screams whenever the chords of a new song played, eager to capture the moment on their phones.

Notable performances included the hauntingly beautiful "LEECHES," where Melanie started alone on stage, accompanied by her crawling dancers, who eventually pranced around her. During "THE CONTORTIONIST," bone-breaking sounds intertwined with the back-bending dances of Melanie and her troupe, creating a mesmerizing and unsettling experience.

Melanie's connection with her fans was evident throughout the show. Before the song "MOON CYCLE," she engaged the crowd with a powerful question, asking who among them was on their period, igniting a roaring cheer. The subsequent performance, bathed in red lights and accompanied by a full moon projection, celebrated the theme.

With "EVIL," Melanie and her dancers made a bold statement, brandishing middle fingers and immersing the stage in red light, amplifying the vibe of the song. The performance of "WOMB" exuded pink vibes, accompanied by a visual of a little pink creature growing in a pink womb, captivating the audience.

Photo credit to Noemad Reid/MSGE

As the show reached its climax, confetti rained down from the ceiling after "WOMB," prompting the crowd to chant "Melanie!" for an encore. She returned to the stage, delivering three powerful deluxe tracks from "PORTALS (Deluxe)": "POWDER", "PLUTO," and "MILK OF THE SIREN." Closing the show, during the final lines of "MILK OF THE SIREN," Melanie's backup dancers unfurled a pride flag, wrapping it around her as she danced, symbolizing unity and acceptance that she preaches.

As the house lights illuminated the venue, fans rushed to the front to collect a piece of confetti, a cherished memento of a night filled with magic and extraordinary artistry. Melanie Martinez's performance at Radio City Music Hall showcased her ability to transport the audience to a world of wonder, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those in attendance.


Photo credit to Noemad Reid/MSGE

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