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Meet Telltale on the "Otherside"

Otherside Cover Art via Spotify

It's been over a year since Telltale's last release of original music, and it has been well worth the wait. Telltale describes their music as "the soundtrack for the uninvited, brokenhearted, and cast aside." The band, made up of singer John Carteret, guitarist Bryce Marshall, bassist Tim Fogg, and drummer Travis Slack, takes us to space. Not only in the astronomical lyrics of "Otherside," but they also successfully capture the mysterious feeling that often occupies the unknown. They share with us that "Otherside" was one of the latest songs they demoed this year, but the first song they finished during their most recent time in the studio, saying, "The song is about escaping from the worries of the world, whether in a good way or a bad way."

The single is accompanied by a music video with transitions that throw the viewer into an alternate reality, or "otherside." The video also successfully depicts haunting themes of escaping reality and reaching for the unknown. Travis shares with us, "We sat down about a year ago with the goal of writing the next evolution of Telltale's ballad rock track. We had aspects of our catalog that we felt defined 'Telltale's sound,' and we wanted to really focus on those elements. Big, soaring choruses, groovy and funky verses, lots of give and take between drums and vocals. Otherside is very close to my heart, and I'm incredibly proud of this one." Listening to this song will send you to another world. There's no doubt that with this song, Telltale has truly solidified themselves in rock. You'll want to get on board for this era the band is entering into because we predict this band will be in high demand, playing their own sold out shows soon.

The single comes just in time as the band will be playing a holiday show with Savage Hands at the Canal Club in Richmond, Virginia on December 16th. You can find tickets to their upcoming performance here and catch them on the "Otherside."

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