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Made For TV by Elliot Wilson: An Anti-Love Christmas Song

A photograph of a young man standing near a street sign.
Elliot Wilson, photograph by Dhiaan (dhiaanvisuals on Instagram)

Elliot Wilson, not to be confused with the late founder of Rap Radar, is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Leicester, UK. His latest single, ‘Made for TV’ is a catchy holiday tune, infused with pop culture references and relatable jokes.

It takes a lighthearted jab at cheesy made-for-TV Christmas films, particularly from a view of someone who is romantically alone for the holidays. The song, created independently by Wilson, is set to feature on his upcoming EP, “Christmas Jingles Chapter 2,” scheduled for release on December 8th, 2023.

‘Made For TV’ opens with rough harmonies though it quickly transitions into a cheerful holiday song complete with church bells and tambourines–a necessary for Christmas music. The song is humorous with lyrics like, “It’s Christmas time again and I can’t find the words to say / I wish you would go away,” setting the stage to be an anti-love anthem rather than a love ballad.

The bridge references classic Christmas movies, steering away from the typical Hallmark popularity and embracing the nostalgic films that shaped childhoods around the world.

Complimenting the song is an independently made music video directed by Wilson himself with assistance from Diaan Dhillion and PinPoint Productions. The video begins with Wilson in bed, wearing an iconic winter nightcap and surrounded by red tinsel. As he surfs channels, expressing distaste for the cheesy holiday movies playing on every station, he finally lands on a music video of himself performing ‘Made For TV.’

Throughout the music video, the scenes jump back and forth between Wilson acting like Scrooge in bed, and Wilson joyfully singing in front of a Christmas tree on the TV, adding a live performance between a funny narrative. The bridge of the music video follows the lyricism, and Wilson pulls out a suitcase full of classic Christmas DVDs like “Home Alone,” “The Grinch,” and “The Muppets Christmas Carol.” Wilson even attempts to make a snow angel with the DVDs, a reminder of simpler times when Christmas was exciting because of movies and gifts rather than romantic partners.

"Made For TV" offers a change from the traditional holiday tune of love and showcases Wilson’s musical talent when it comes to catchy pop music and creative songwriting. His anti-love Christmas song is an exciting glimpse into his upcoming EP, perfect for the upcoming holiday.

A photo of a young man sitting in bed wearing a blue striped nightcap. He is holding a bottle of Bailey's with classic Christmas DVDs surrounding him.
The cover art for 'Made For TV' by Elliot Wilson.

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