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Mac Saturn Takes Us To The Moon On Indianapolis

We got the chance to experience Mac Saturn's electrifying stage presence at HI-FI Indianapolis on February 16th. The energy that these guys bring into the space is absolutely euphoric. The utter chaos and vibrance of their performance had everybody on the edge of their seats the entire time. From Carson pulling out a suitcase full of maracas to the absolute joy they radiate while on stage, it’s very clear they love what they do. Although they only have an EP released, their devoted fans have their CD and know their unreleased songs super well.

Mac Saturn via Emily Bates

It was incredible to see them interacting with the crowd and going out of their way to cater to their song preferences and read their signs. It was cool to see the lead singer Carson recognize fans in the crowd. He can make people feel like they’re the only ones in the room with him. Mike Moody, one of their guitarists, puts on an insane performance. You can tell by his body language in how he plays that he puts his entire soul into every second of his performance. Evan, who’s on keys, radiates joy. It was nearly impossible to get a picture of him not smiling.

As a band, they move as a unit, and it’s clear that besides being very experienced, they also exude confidence in everything they do. By the end of their performance, it felt like it had only been 25 minutes, not a full hour. It left everyone wishing that they didn’t have to go.

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