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“Love From The Otherside,” A New Fall Out Boy Single Featuring Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon?

Fall Out Boy's current logo

Fall Out Boy is no stranger to being cryptic. They have a history of creating cryptic stories and rabbit holes of websites for fans to explore and theorize before officially releasing or announcing new music. Last November, they released a cryptic advert in the Chicago Tribune with zero explanation. Later, in December, they sent out a physical letter that led to a website titled "Welcome to Pink Seashell Beach." However, on Christmas, the website changed, and the “RSVP” that was previously on the site was removed. As this happened, a new website appeared that Fall Out Boy officially promoted. This website included an almost 2-minute long claymation with what many fans theorize to be a guitar riff from a new song. Then, on New Years' Day, Fall Out Boy sent out a cryptic e-mail to fans who had put their e-mail in either the “RSVP” forms on their websites. For a few days, that seemed to be everything fans were getting from Fall Out Boy.

via Oli Skyes' Instagram Story

However, on January 10th, Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon posted to his Instagram story: He had received a pink seashell and a letter from Fall Out Boy. The letter has no text other than the date January 19th, 2023, and “Love From The Otherside.” Many fans are trying to theorize what this could mean, like user @kojacat on Twitter, who responded to State Of The Scene's Twitter post about the Instagram story, stating: “1/13. 13 song album.” Many others have also pointed out the date on the letter, believing it may be a release date for a single, as @SOTSPodcast states, “The paper is dated 1/19/2023, speculation from our team is that Love From The Otherside is a new song releasing that day featuring Oli.” It’s practically unanimously believed that Fall Out Boy will be releasing a single on the 19th with Oli Sykes, which was their way of announcing it. The number on the seashell is also theorized to possibly be the length of the tracklist for FOB8. The full details of the album and theorized single are still up in the air.

All that fans fully know for now is that Oli Sykes is involved and that something will be released on January 19th, whether it be a single or something else.

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