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Louis Tomlinson Was The Greatest in St. Augustine

On July 11th, eager fans arrived at the St. Augustine Amphitheater at precisely nine in the morning to get their numbered wristbands for easy access later in the day. Closer to doors opening, lines were packed for merchandise and entry. Louis Tomlinson and support Andrew Cushin would be performing later, and fans came early and prepared for the night of their lives.

Louis Tomlinson by Nolan Fisher

Charisma and pure joy radiated off of Louis the minute he walked on stage, taking in a moment to look around at his fans before beginning to sing. Louis opened his set with the opening track of his recent sophomore album, Faith In The Future, "The Greatest." The lighting being a simple white spotlight felt perfect for the first song, as it let everyone focus on him and his band. When "Kill My Mind" from his debut album Walls began, the red light show made its way on stage, setting the mood for the song and the rest of the night.

Louis Tomlinson by Nolan Fisher

As the show went on Louis performed all, except two, Faith In The Future tracks, which is to be expected since this is the Faith In The Future World Tour. He played two more tracks from Walls, along with an unreleased track, "Copy of a Copy of a Copy," and a demo that featured on the "Bigger Than Me" single CD, "Saved by a Stranger." To top off these wonderful songs, Louis brought us back to 2014 with two tracks from his former band, One Direction's album Four. Louis did his own renditions of "Night Changes" and "Where Do Broken Hearts Go," which had fans screaming louder than ever. The light show was specially curated for each and every song, so the audience was always visually entertained in addition to their obvious audible entertainment. The stage design was created with these large venues in mind, large screens used for fun light designs and live video feeds of Louis and the band, and some platforms for some of the band members to stay perched on. The fireworks were also a great addition to the set, adding that extra punch to further excite fans. At the end of the night, during "Silver Tongues," Louis dropped in between the barricade and the stage and ran through that empty space as the rest of the venue watched streamers shoot from the stage and fall to the chorus. With such an amazing live performance, we definitely suggest taking the time to go see one of Louis' shows when the chance comes!

All Images of Louis Tomlinson & Andrew Cushin by Nolan Fisher


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