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"LOOK AT YOU NOW" by Gabriela Bee: A Journey To Brighter Days

Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

At just 17 years old, Gabriela Bee is making HUGE waves in the music industry. Released this past Wednesday on October 4th, "LOOK AT YOU NOW" is an anthem that gives us all a little hope for brighter days ahead. To put it simply, the song is about self-love and resilience. Bee describes the track as “a love song dedicated to my younger self,” and I couldn’t agree more.

The song begins with the gentle sound of an acoustic guitar, immediately setting the stage that the vocals are the star of the show. Bee delivers her verses with simplicity, and as the song progresses, the chorus erupts like an emotional volcano that captures the listener’s focus, as if Bee herself were reaching through the screen and grabbing my shoulders to drill in the resounding lyrics, “look at you now: you’re alive, look at you now: you’re alright.”

During the bridge, Bee sings, "now they see me, now you see me, now I see me," depicting a journey of self-awareness. The deliberate shift from "they" to "you" to "I" shows an individual's journey of transforming from someone who desperately wanted the validation of people around them, to starting to accept who they really were–maybe with the help from the people closest to them–to ultimately realizing that authentic happiness comes from within yourself.

Returning to the beginning of the track, Bee closes the track with that same acoustic guitar from the beginning of the song and the lyrics, “Listen to the music, I want you to know that the storm is over, you were feeling clueless, but nothing lasts forever.” These lines offer a bittersweet yet reassuring reflection that the bad times won’t last forever, that the storm will pass and clear skies are ahead.

To visualize the song, "LOOK AT YOU NOW" is like that iconic scene in "Perks of Being A Wallflower" where Sam stands in the back of a pickup truck with her arms spread and the wind rushing through her hair, capturing that fleeting moment of youth and embracing a moment of undeniable joy. And with how old Bee is, this track could absolutely be her very own tunnel scene–a celebration of being alive, of making it through a time where maybe you weren’t sure if you were going to.

"LOOK AT YOU NOW" by Gabriela Bee is an uplifting and hope-filled song with a simple yet incredibly important message: it gets better.

And regardless of your age, I encourage everyone to enjoy their own tunnel scene. And who knows? Maybe "LOOK AT YOU NOW" can be the soundtrack to it.

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