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Little Image: An Energetic Performance That Is Certainly “Worth It”

On March 7th, Little Image and Colony House took the stage at Irving Plaza to perform for New York fans.

Little Image via Alex Ayala

Opening for Colony House on their Cannonballers tour, Little Image rocked Irving Plaza, hyping up the crowd and getting people pumped for the headliners. A three-piece band, Little Image is small in size but a force to be reckoned with. As the lights turned on and the crowd's attention turned to the stage, members Jackson Simmons (vocals/guitar), Brandon Walters (bass/synth), and Troy Bruner (drums) walked out into the spotlight. Suited head to toe in black suits with words and phrases painted across the fabric which if one looks closer realizes they are the lyrics to their track "WORTH IT".

Fresh off a high from their new debut album releasing in May, Little Image performed singles from their anticipated record SELF TITLED showcasing their new, future sound for the venue. From diving into the crowd to slowing things down, the band ran a tight set with a mix of mellower indie tunes like "BLUE" to alt-pop songs like "OUT OF MY MIND". The pit would go from swaying side to side to bopping their heads to jumping up and down and around alongside the band. Their range of sounds and energetic performances left no room for criticism, there was something in their set for everybody.

By the end of their performance, the crowd was buzzing with excitement to keep the show going, tossing beach volleyballs amongst each other and hollering for more. While soaking up their time on stage, vocalist Jackson Simmons mentioned their gratitude to be playing in New York alongside his best friends and opening for close friends Colony House. Later when Colony House took the stage, the members of Little Image mingled among the fans in the intimate venue, enjoying the music and meeting new people. Those that night who didn’t know them already ended up walking away with a new favorite band.

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