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Lime Cordiale: A MUST SEE!!!

Before we received the invite to check out Lime Cordiale, I had never heard of them. Like I always do, I took a while to listen to their discography and gauge if they were my jam or not and two things happened: 

  1. I decided I totally wanted to see this show and…

  2. …my Spotify agreed. 

Despite never listening to a Lime Cordiale song before the beginning of March, my Spotify decided that I was their biggest fan and pushed their music in my face nearly every day. (Not that I’m complaining!!!)

I ended up sharing a ton of these songs with my best friend, Karin, and we spent the night before the concert FaceTiming and singing a couple of songs together to prepare me for the show. And if Karin wasn’t 3 hours away at college, she would have been right by my side at their Brooklyn show as we sang and danced to Robbery. 

– The Show – 

Windser, another band I hadn’t heard of before, was the opening act for the concert. The band is actually just frontman Jordan Topf, who travels the world with a touring band and performs his music for anyone who wants to hear it. Jordan grew up in Santa Cruz and kicked off Lime Cordiale’s North American tour last week in Tampa, Florida. 

I really, really enjoyed Windser. I think he was the perfect choice to open up for Lime Cordiale and pump up the crowd. Not only that, but Topf was such a funny and charismatic guy and interacted with the crowd throughout his set. He kept asking for the names of audience members, getting them totally wrong, and just running with them. The room was nearly full by the end of Windser’s set, full of friends and couples dancing with one another even if they didn’t know the words to any of the songs. 

A horitonzal
Windser - Photo by Holly Van Ness

Lime Cordiale came on around 10 and when they took the stage, I quickly learned that they were Australian! The group officially consists of brothers Louis and Oli Leimbach, with a consistent touring band featuring Felix Bornholdt on keyboards, James Jennings on drums, and Nick Polovineo on trombone and guitar. 

Lime Cordiale - Photo by Holly Van Ness

The band, whether they have a stylist or not, have impeccable fashion. They came on stage wearing mismatched tuxedos, all adorned with vibrant prints like polka dots or flowers. Both brothers had awesome stage presence, dancing and moving around like there was no tomorrow, but Oli especially took the spotlight for this. It looked like he didn’t even care that he was on stage in front of all those people, he just wanted to sing and dance. 

The venue, Music Hall of Williamsburg, was packed to the brim with excited fans and you could feel the energy in the room just by being in it. Since I hadn’t heard of Lime Cordiale before, I was surprised to see just how many people showed up–but after experiencing one live song, I totally understood why they did. Lime Cordiale, and Windser, were fantastic and put on an amazing show. I hope they get the recognition they deserve because I can’t wait for them to come back around so I can go to a show again! 

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