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"Life Among Machines, Pt. 1" by Animal Sun

"Life Among Machines, Pt. 1" Cover Art

Releasing their newest EP on July 14th, Animal Sun has been making strides in the alt rock/pop world since their inception in 2019. The vocalist and guitarist, Sara Blake, and her brother/drummer, William Alton, started out in central Virginia and teamed up with keyboardist Tyler De Castro and bass player Adam Gardner in LA, where the band is now based. The band is named after James Sun, a friend of the band whose life was cut short in 2011. Their new EP, Life Among Machines, Pt. 1, consists of six songs that the band describes as the best music they have ever created. The band also shares that the past year has been a challenging year for the project, as Sara shared her journey with accepting her identity and journey as a transgender woman in May of this year. Animal Sun's hard work and dedication pays off in the sentimental rock sound the group has mastered in the new EP and shares that part 2 of the EP will be coming out later this fall, along with more shows and announcements to come. The band faces a lot of excitement in 2023, as they will be headlining a show on July 19th, presented by Hollywood Independent Music Awards in Ontario, California, and have been nominated for a Hollywood Independent Music Award in the rock/pop category for their song "can you hear the thunder?" We highly recommend you check out Animal Sun and listen to Sara's story that can be found here.

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