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Lewis Fitzgerald at Rae's London - a Night to Remember

On May 14th Lewis Fitzgerald brought his first ever headline show to London's very own Rae's at OMEARA. Even though he's one of the new names in London, Lewis managed to sell out tickets to the show within minutes from going live. 

Photo of Lewis Fitzgerald by Maja Nowacka
Lewis Fitzgerald by Maja Nowacka

From the very first moment when Lewis stepped onto the stage the fans, who travelled from all over the United Kingdom, knew they were in for a great show. He started his set with “Short Ride” which is definitely one of my personal favourites. The setlist consisted of a bit of “sad,” as Lewis put it, but also some more energetic songs. Thanks to that, everyone would find something for themselves. Lewis also played a lot of new, never-heard-before songs. Taking breaks in between songs to talk to fans or even take pictures with them using their own phones was also a very important part of the show. Lewis, as well, took some time to thank everyone for attending, admitting that it was always a dream of his to play his own concert. The last song Lewis played was the highly anticipated hit single "Darling," which also recently reached  5 million streams. Even if someone in the crowd did not know every single song on the setlist, during “Darling,” I can assure you that the whole venue was singing back the lyrics to him. It was such a core memory for me; I can’t imagine what was going through Lewis‘ head. At the very end of the show, even after the set ended, Lewis took a moment to say again his thank-you's to everyone who came to see him. You could clearly tell he was trying to take this all in, as if he couldn’t believe people actually came down only to see him and hear his songs. I must say this was my first seeing Lewis live but certainly won’t be the last one. I’m truly amazed by how good his vocals are and what a great performer he is. So, if you ever get a chance to attend one of Lewis Fitzgerald’s shows, make sure you  don’t miss out on this opportunity.  

All the above photos of Lewis Fitzgerald were taken by Maja Nowacka.

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