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"Less Talk, More F*cking Rock" At The Bad Wolves Show In Knoxville, TN

On a cool fall Thursday night in Knoxville, TN, Bad Wolves kicked off their tour with a stop at The Concourse. Joining them was The Other LA, Uncured, and Eva Under Fire.

First up was a band from Nashville, TN called The Other LA. Despite battling a scratchy voice, the lead singer did not let that hold her back. Along with heavy guitars and thunderous drums, the vocals were perfect for the raging vibes of the lyrics. There were even a few growly screams thrown in! Lots of jumping and hair flips that set the stage perfectly for the rest of the show. The last song had the crowd clapping along!

Photos by Jennifer Mullins

Next up was Uncured, and I was blown away by them! There were lots of heavy guitar riffs and guttural screams throughout the show. One of my favorite sets of the night was their cover of Linkin Park that blew me away. The band had the crowd jumping and clapping throughout. They all brought exceptional energy and stage presence! The two guitarists showed off their skills together multiple times throughout the set.

Photos by Jennifer Mullins

As Eva Under Fire took the stage, the lead vocalist's laser glove and light-up shoes immediately grabbed my attention! With powerful vocals and incredible guitar riffs, the band had the crowd engaged from the start. Their cover of "Separate Ways" was phenomenal and had the crowd singing along through the whole thing. During it, one of the guitarists took a drumstick and started playing his instrument with it. Eva was bouncing all over the stage with so much energy that permeated the venue-it was hard to stand still while they were playing! Eva Under Fire closed their set with "Blow," which is a collab they did with Spencer Charnas from Ice Nine Kills. This set was one of the funniest, most energetic show I've seen, and the energy carried over into the next set.

Photos by Jennifer Mullins

At 10 pm, Bad Wolves took the stage with "Sweet Caroline" playing. The lights were flashing in sync and set the stage for the band to come on. Bad Wolves might be a metal band, but they are not afraid to cover heavy topics such as depression and addiction. "Sober" was dedicated to those who’ve dealt with depression and/or alcoholism, an absolutely beautiful song. It resonated with many in the crowd as everyone was singing along. There was a good mix of songs off their new album Die About It and deep cuts, including a cover of "Zombie," for fans old and new.

Photos by Jennifer Mullins

There was small but mighty mosh pit that was entertaining to watch and brought out the heavy in heavy metal. The lead vocalist was extremely interactive with the crowd, coming down to barricade on the third song. He even celebrated Rylee, who was attending their first concert! Several of the songs had rapping along with guttural screams that showed the dynamic and range of the band. One of the songs was dedicated to all the haters and was a big "fuck you" to all of them. During one of the later songs, the lead vocalist said they were more of a “less talk and more fucking rock” band before heading into some of their last songs of the night.

Bad Wolves will be on tour throughout November and December so grab a ticket here to an upcoming show to see them for yourselves!


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