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Leon Thomas Is Ready To Take Us To His "Electric Dusk" World

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Photo Courtesy of °1824

Following the momentum of working with prolific artists in the music industry, Leon Thomas has released his own R&B album. After working with Drake on Certified Lover Boy, Leon hopes to take advantage of the "Drake Effect," the idea that any artist will experience personal success after working with Drake. With this album, Leon's goal is to reach an audience through his own voice and emotions being expressed in the stories he will be telling through his album.

Leon started releasing his own music in 2018, but has spent several years in the music industry, working with artists like SZA, Babyface, and Ariana Grande. He shares that he learned a lot from his experience working with Babyface, and that the R&B artist provided a lot of gems for him, including his advice to Leon to try his best to be honest and express the factor of cool the way he already does in life and translate it into music. Leon expressed that working with artists on their music versus working on his own music is a different experience. With other artists, he gets to play therapist and have them share their emotions and experiences in their music, but with his own music, it's much more uncomfortable because he has to dig a lot deeper. His emotions varied through the creation of his own album. He experienced a lot of frustration with feeling like not being heard even though he was being heard by a lot of people’s favorite artists in the studio and getting his voice out through them. But, ultimately, Leon wanted people to hear him through his own work. Now, he feels a sense of pride that it’s finally finished and will be heard through this R&B record.

The R&B artist is showing us that the genre is still alive through his 1960s-inspired psych-rock and hip-hop elements mixed together to create an interesting R&B blend. The rise of technology in music has allowed the musician to create his desired sounds, giving him immense respect for people who experiment with new sounds and technology in music. Even though technology has played a huge role in the development of music, Leon demonstrates that the live feel of R&B is incredibly important to portray, and pulls inspiration from artists like Cleo Sol and Baby Rose.

Leon will be bringing the live feel of his songs to life on his upcoming tour with Ty Dolla $ign through crowd engagement and providing an intimate experience for the fans in attendance. His ultimate goal on this tour is for the crowd to understand what the songs mean to him. The vivid storytelling combined with the beautiful music in the songs that have already been released by Leon show us without a doubt that he is going to touch lives with the release of this album.

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