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Leanna Firestone, Ybor Chickens, Swifties, and Love for our Favorite Only Child.

Returning to Florida for the second leg of her Least Favorite Only Child tour, Leanna Firestone, along with openers Sydney Rose and Abby Cates, brought an emotional performance for the audience at the Crowbar this past Tuesday night. While this was my second time seeing Leanna perform, this was only my first time seeing Sydney and Abby, and I can proudly say they gained a new fan. Sydney’s lyrics are absolutely incredible and her angelic vocal performance only added to the overall experience. If you want beautifully written gut-wrenching songs this whole line-up is for you.

Leanna Firestone via Helena Tankosic

Abby told a story at the show about a childhood memory regarding a diving board and how she used that memory as an analogy for anxiety for one of her songs. I really connected to this story and it made me feel like my feelings were seen and finally put into words that I could use to make people actually understand. That is one thing that makes music so beautiful and all of these artists do a wonderful job with putting these feelings we don’t really know how to describe into songs. Finally, Leanna came to the stage to close out the show. The show was filled with new and old songs from the Nashville artist as well as a surprise cover song of a Taylor Swift song. It was a wonderful rollercoaster of emotion and I know this show meant so much for so many fans in that crowd. I am so happy I had the ability to see Leanna perform again and I’m excited to see what she does next.

All images of Leanna Firestone, Sydney Rose, & Abby Cates via Helena Tankosic.

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