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Labels by Cade Hoppe

If you listen to songs in the indie-pop genre or like "He Said She Said" by CHVRCHES or "One More Year" by Tame Impala, then you will like "Labels" by Cade Hoppe.

Courtesy of Will Shellhorn

"Labels" was produced with Cade's frequent collaborator and co-producer Harper James (Eighty Ninety, James Bay, Aaron Taos). "Labels" is a synth-pop production and anthemic instrumentation with Cade's distinct baritone vocals. It's an instantly addictive listening experience.

Cade says that "This is a song about having a relationship with someone that will never give you the reassurance you need - and then finding a way to justify that in order to have that relationship at all." He added, "You keep telling yourself that you don't need a label until you might actually believe it."

'Labels' has an anthemic, upbeat tempo. Imagine if Blake Shelton made a 'Late Night Talking' by Harry Styles-type of tune but with a meaning. This track can be named the 'Song of The Year' due to the upbeat vibe and the style of music that Cade has chosen: indie-pop with a few synth instrumentals, plus his baritone vocals make it the best, and anthemic song of 2023.

You can listen to the single here, and you can check out Cade's website and his socials here!

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