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Knocked Loose: Incredibly Wicked, Shockingly Beautiful, Complete Lawless Disorder.

Knocked Loose finally arrived at the sold out show on the last day of their US tour at Jannus Live in Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida on Sunday, June 9th. Doors opened at 6 pm, the line to enter wrapped around the block, buzzing with fans dressed to the nines in their concert best, eager to rage. After speaking with other concert-goers in line, I quickly realized that Knocked Loose has one of the most loyal fan bases, hearing that many fans traveled across the state to come to see them. The band came supported by 3 other hardcore groups from all over the globe (Speed, Show Me The Body, and Loathe) ensuring that the audience would be as riled up as possible by the time they came on stage. 

Knocked Loose by Nolan Fisher

Speed started the night with one of the best opening performances to date. A five-piece hardcore band from way down under, Sydney, Australia consisting of Jem Siow (Frontman), Aaron Siow (Bassist), Josh Clayton (Guitarist), Dennis Vichidvongsa (Guitarist), and Kane Vardon (Drummer). They were adored by fans and completely killed it. Labeled “Australia’s Biggest, Fericest, Hardcore Band” by Revolver Magazine in 2023, the group might just be making major waves in the US hardcore community very soon. Frontman Jem Siow, aside from being a great musician, was endearing, humble, grateful and so well-deserving of his spot on that stage. With interesting beats, a flute, some grooving bass, and the ability to start a mosh pit before the sunset, the group had a great sound, and lyrics that could resonate all too well. 

Speed by Nolan Fisher

Show Me The Body, consisting of Julian Cashwan Pratt (banjo/vocals), Harlan Steed (bass), and Jackie McDermott (drummer) from New York City took the stage shortly after Speed. The political punk trio played a unique performance with a banjo, a bass, a drumset, and lots of distortion. Their sound was experimental. Including some hollow tom sounds, plenty of spoken words, and slam poetry, the group had lots of paused moments to sit withwhich I could appreciatebefore picking back up into a heavier beat. The novelty of the banjo with a bunch of overdrive on it wore thin after the first three songs. 

Show Me The Body by Nolan Fisher

Loathe, a group from Liverpool, England made up of Kadeem France (lead vocals), Erik Bickerstaffe ( guitarist/ vocals), Sean Radcliffe (drummer), and Feisal El-Khazragi (bassist) finished up the opening act with an incredibly wicked and shockingly beautiful set. The band experiments with components of melodic hardcore, nu-metal, progressive rock, industrial metal and alt-metal giving them a completely new, fresh, enticing sound. Kadeem France, a front-man as charismatic as they come with a gleaming smile, was able to change the pace of the show from thrashy, loud, and hard to slow and intense all while simultaneously keeping the energy of the crowd high (not an easy thing to do). It wouldn’t last long either because Knocked Loose was up next.

Loathe by Nolan Fisher

I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t enter this concert completely terrified. For the first time in my moshing career, I was stricken with anxiety, for all the right reasons of course. Knocked Loose’s reputation precedes them. The group made up of Bryan Garris (Lead Vocals), Isaac Hale (lead guitar/vocals), Kevin Otten (bass), Kevin "Pacsun" Kaine (drums), Nicko Calderon (rhythm guitar/vocals) took one step on stage and the floor immediately split into a sea of madness, a pit truly unlike any other. “Are you feeling a little bit crazy? I want you to lose your f*cking mind!” shouted Garris as the band opened up with “Blinding Faith” and continued to play “Mistakes Like Fractures”, and “God Knows” before Garris stopped mid-song to help an injured fan. Making sure all was okay before continuing, Garris told the crowd “There is nothing I love more in the world than this f*cking chaos, take care of each other” and the show continued with complete lawlessness disorder. 

Bryan Garris by Nolan Fisher

The band even blessed the audience by playing “Don’t Reach For Me”, a new song off their brand new album You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To. Dedicating “Deep in the Willow” to the other touring bands, Loathe, Speed, and Show Me The Body, all bands in their entirety gave the crowd one hell of a night. Ending the set with “Everything Is Quiet Now” Garris readied the audience for one of the craziest walls of death by shouting “I know it's hot and I know you're tired but I see way too many people just sitting there in the back filming doing jack sh*t all night and I’m tired of it, so listen up I don’t care who the f*ck you are or where the f*ck you are when we kick it right here, you're moving, do as I f*cking say, last f*cking chance”. 

Garris has one of the best voices and vocal ranges I have seen live. Knocked Loose’s sound held clear, strong, and tight ricocheting throughout the outdoor venue, and could even be heard from blocks away with not a single beat or thud missed. The set--theatrical and brilliant, including an array of laser lights, and a giant cross center stage mimicking the cover of their new album. 

Knocked Loose put on one of the best, most exhilarating, intense, and epic shows Jannus Live has ever seen. Dragging yourself out of bed when you have crippling Sunday scaries isn't easy but I’d do it all again if it meant I would be liberated in a pit at a Knocked Loose show. 

All photos of Knocked Loose, Loathe, Show Me The Body, & Speed by Nolan Fisher.


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