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Kittie Makes a Striking Come-Back With 'Fire'

Photo Credit: Dante Dellamore

The iconic Queens of Nu-Metal, Kittie, have returned after 13 years with their highly-anticipated album, Fire. After entering an indefinite hiatus in 2011, excluding a stand-alone show in 2017, and the release of their documentary Kittie: Origins/Evolutions, in 2018, there was little to be heard of Kittie. Finally, their radio silence was broken in 2022, as offers from promoters to do shows such as the sold-out Sick New World Festival in Las Vegas, were enough of a push to bring Morgan Lander, drummer Mercedes Lander, guitarist Tara McLeod, and bassist Ivy Vujic to return as an active band. They maintain that the band itself was never broken up. Fire serves as a return from ash, rising in flame as that of a phoenix with an entirely new sound, produced by Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Rush, Alice In Chains, Korn), and released under their new label, Sumerian Records, Friday, June 21, 2024.

The album opens with the self-titled track, "Fire." Right off rip, the song begins with heavy growls and guitar riffs, paired alongside melodic vocal undertones slightly reminiscent of an earlier Kittie. However, the sound is entirely new in comparison to their older work, already signaling this is an entirely fresh era for Kittie. The breakdown has a nasty guitar solo before returning to screams and growled vocals, chanting, "I am fire." The second track, "I Still Wear This Crown," begins with the title being screamed, ushering in the next verse. There are more clean vocals in this track, while still balancing the growled and screamed vocals as well. "I Still Wear This Crown" is an anthem of power with lyrics such as, "I still wear this crown/So bow down," and, "I am unbroken/I still wear this crown." "Falter" begins softer, giving an ethereal feel to the track. This track is very narrative with lyrics such as, "We cannot escape/We falter through the fire we create," tying into the title track of the album.

"Vultures" is one of the four singles released before the release of the album. This is another very narrative track, painting a story of danger and resistance with religious imagery with lyrics such as, "Now you're thriving while we bleed/I will never bow down, concede/We're carrion dressed in Sunday best," and, "This is your last supper/I will give my body no longer/To feed this desperate cry/Just let it die." "We Are Shadows" was the second single to be released before the album's release. "We Are Shadows" is a classic metal song, being a bit calmer than the previous tracks on the album. The majority of the song is sung in clean vocals, compared to the previous tracks being mainly screams or growls. Opening up with a scream, "Wound" is an aggressive ballad, holding a feeling of regret and reminiscence with lyrics such as, "I have lost control," and, "I just can't let go," which serves as the ending lyric. "Wound" feels as it does to hold onto something, or someone, in the past in a way that is not healthy and may be dangerous. "One Foot In The Grave" begins with an anthemic chant supported by drums, "I am one foot in the grave/This heaven's living hell/It's like I'm burning with one foot in the grave." This track is energetic and aggressive, being a strong anthem of retaliation and rebirth, although one of hardship, with lyrics such as, "It's like I'm burning at the stake/But these flames will keep me sane," illustrate.

"Are You Entertained" begins with a static riff, leading into the introductory clean vocals. This track is an assertive sirensong directed towards an unnamed "you," illustrating how their choices ultimately destroyed themselves, or possibly a relationship, "To save yourself/You went overboard/'Til there was nothing left." Beginning with sharp growled vocals, "Grime" begins as harshly as its title sounds. There is more religious and demonic imagery used within this track. A story is told of fate and innocence lost. This is one of the heavier tracks on the album with a majority of the vocals being screamed. "Eyes Wide Open" is the final track on the album, in comparison to it being the first single to be released. This final track ends the album with a tale of a veil being lifted, the truth of someone's sinister nature is revealed, and moving on with lyrics such as, "Eyes wide open/Show your true face to me/I was blind, but now I see," and, "The truth of what once was has set me free/With the sin of a thousand lies/The words you spoke to me/A beast you cannot tame/We rise above the flame."

This album has ushered in a new era for Kittie-one that is unlike their previous work, roaring as they become something fresh and just as immaculate as they have always been since the beginning. To support their newest album, they are set to embark on a select few headline shows, and tickets can be found at! Tour dates can be found below.

7/12/24 - Toronto ON @ History w/ Vile Creature

7/19/24 - New York City NY @ Palladium Times Square w/ Unearth, Within the Ruins, Stabbing

8/02/24 - Atlanta GA @ The Masquerade w/ Upon a Burning Body

8/04/24 - Dallas TX @ The Studio at The Factory w/ Upon a Burning Body

8/23/24 - Chicago IL @ Concord Music Hall w/ VCTMS, Conquer Divide

8/24/24 - Jackson MI @ Apex Sports and Entertainment HAVOC FEST

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