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Kings Elliot Called Me A Dreamer In Chicago

On February 25th, fans gathered at Lincoln Hall in Chicago to witness Kings Elliot and Stephen Sanchez rock the house!

Kings Elliot via Emily Koprowski

When navigating through the sold-out crowd, stocked full of Stephen Sanchez and Kings Elliot fans, the excitement was clearly amplified. Each side conversation was loaded with discussions about what each artist would play that night; anticipation building for all. Once one was towards the front, it was clear that the red lights cascaded upon the stage. Kings Elliot divulged her presence from behind the curtain at the back of the stage. Her electric blue hair highlighting her performance in combination with her edgy chains hanging from her jeans made for a moving show. The majority of her songs resulted in the inevitable somber and moody atmosphere, however, every word that she sang was sung with purpose- something that separated her from other artists. She advocated for mental health with her lyrics and raised awareness of her personal life story.

Her music clearly reflected this purpose and told new tales. One of the first and most popular songs titled, “Cry, Baby, Cry” inundated the audience with a flood of emotion. Observing the crowd, everyone stared at Elliot in amazement at her angelic voice. “Ashes By The Morning”, a song that clearly represented her ability to find strength in vulnerability, consumed the hall with wonder and emotion. Towards the middle of the set, Kings Elliot had the crowd scream “sick puppies” while holding their flashes on their phone for a video. Elliot does this every night with the crowd and you can see the light glistening on her face when everyone joins in. The final song “Call Me A Dreamer” left the audience in complete admiration of her and set the perfect tone for Stephen Sanchez’s performance. Ultimately, Kings Elliot moved the crowd with her somber yet heartfelt lyrics, leaving nobody in Lincoln Hall unattentive.

All photos of Kings Elliot & Stephen Sanchez by Emily Koprowski

Kings Elliot

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