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KIMBRA: A Force to Have "A Reckoning" With

With the beat of an unseen metronome filling out the building, Kimbra, (32-year-old New Zealand, singer-songwriter), took the stage of Delmar Hall on February 25th. Kimbra is known by many for her collaboration with Gotye on “Somebody that I used to know” but, has worked on many solo projects since. The Delmar Hall is one of the larger venues in St. Louis, Missouri, and can hold up to 750 music-loving patrons. Prior to her anticipated entrance, a few fans got the chance to chat with Kimbra in person for a meet and greet. All of them were enamored with what a light and caring spirit Kimbra is. Kimbra’s highly talented opener, Tei Shi (Colombian-Canadian Singer-songwriter), warmed up the crowd, setting the tone for the night.

Tei Shi via Nicole Brunette

After hearing the audience cheer as Tei Shi entered the stage, her one-woman show thoroughly made its way into the crowd’s movement, urging them to sway along to the beat. Her songs, including “Twilight” and “Bassically” carried an ethereal quality, enchanting the room. Closing out her set, Tei Shi sang “Bassically” which features a portion where her vocals reveal just how much talent Tei Shi carries. Though the song begins quietly, by the end Tei Shi belts out a siren call leaving her listeners entranced as she left the stage for the night.

Blinking in almost startling silence and suddenly once again aware that there were just 30 minutes till Kimbra arrived, the crowd moved in, hoping to get a good spot for optimal viewing of Kimbra. After just canceling her show in Columbus, Ohio the night before due to health complications, it was clear the audience was thankful Kimbra was able to perform.

As Kimbra emerged onstage to that fateful metronome sound, the audience screamed in delight, excitedly taking out their phones. The set began slow, with “Save Me” off of Kimbra’s new album “A Reckoning” released just over a month ago on January 27th, 2023, which is the main focus for her set. The song allowed her audience to become comfortable with vulnerability as Kimbra has described it to be “one of her most honest songs”. Multiple times, Kimbra gets on the audience’s level and speaks to them. Whether it’s concerning love, strength, or looking to the future, it’s clear Kimbra has phenomenal advice for everyone. Even to the point in which she has written her songs to be letters for her future daughter. Her advice crosses time and before she played “Foolish Thinking” she laughed noting that she didn’t have a daughter but that this process is important to her and that she hopes her fans can gain some knowledge from her experiences as well.

Kimbra via Nicole Brunette

Though as time went on, and Kimbra played songs like “Replay!” and “LA Type”, the audience couldn’t help but get into a faster dancing mood. The connection between artist and music fanatic became clear as Kimbra moved to her own beats, matching those on the floor. And the crowd never died down, if anything they encouraged Kimbra to keep up with them! As Kimbra let out beautiful vocals, almost seemingly effortless, they called out to her saying “Yes, C’mon!”. The energy was relentless, not even suppressed by the short break between the main set and the encore.

For the encore, Kimbra played her song “Version of Me” from her album “Primal Heart” released back in 2018. The song is carried through orchestral notes and soft singing centered around holding our actions accountable especially when it comes to those we care for most. Within these sentimental last moments, Kimbra thanked her fans, before singing, for following her throughout all the different versions of her and her music. Each of her albums have been new experiences filled with new pathways of musical formations, which further expresses how loyal Kimbra’s fans are and how welcoming they are to change. It’s clear that Kimbra’s music can reach a wide variety of music lovers. And as the music faded and Kimbra waved to her fan goodbye, everyone left with good memories of sound and connection. If you have the chance, see Kimbra on any of the upcoming tour dates I fully recommend it as she is a wonderful force to be reckoned with!

All photos of Kimbra and Tei Shi by guest photographer, Nicole Brunette


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