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"Kill My Time" by Dirty Rivals

Dirty Rivals, an alt-rock band based in South Florida, recently released a song with a 2000’s alt-rock vibe.

‘Kill My Time’ Cover Art

"Kill My Time" is a song about wasting a day with someone that drains your energy and your ego. A lyric that stands out of the meaning is: “You got me falling apart, my heart is bleeding and you known it from the start.” This song, compared to the other tunes that they have released, other than their cover of "Ocean Eyes" by Billie Eilish, is more about someone who had faked the friendship from the start and how someone that destroys your ego and uses you to make them look good will tear you down, affecting how you are feeling without caring about your physical and mental health.

Dirty Rivals is a band that consists of three members: Jacob Maicon (Vocals/Guitar), Nelson Brockwell (Guitar), and Steven Salguero (Drums), who are all music veterans. They have two upcoming shows, with one of them happening on February 25th at Tough Times Bar in Pompano Beach (FL) and the other one happening in March at Emo Night Bar in Stuart (FL).

You can check out the Dirty Rivals website here!

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