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Kid Prexy Releases New Single "I Think That You're Pretty"

In preparation of his 3rd EP, 16-year-old Kid Prexy releases his latest single and video for "I Think That You're Pretty". Drawing on influence from icons like Machine Gun Kelly and Blink-182, his newest song blends pop punk and alternative rock in an anthem to love at first sight.

Photo courtesy of Kid Prexy website

At the first listening of the song, I was jamming along with the guitar and drum driven beats. Kid Prexy has a deep, soulful sound that's highlighted by the driving guitar and drums. The beat changes up towards the end of the song with the lyrics "Falling to pieces but I still think of you", that particularly focuses on that first falling in love feeling. The song is a plea for the other person to reciprocate those feelings and hoping that it goes on beyond this one night.

The video opening starts with Kid Prexy jumping off a amp while ripping the guitar. The video is a throwback to the MTV era of music videos. It's all in black and white with animated graphics over Kid Prexy performing the song. From the stars to lightning bolts to a hypnotic circle overlay, add to the chaotic, heart pounding feeling of falling in love (or lust) at first sight.

If you've ever been in love, you surely remember that first hear-pounding, fear-inducing feeling of meeting that person and feeling a connection. So, take a seat and be prepared to reminisce over those emotions while getting a fantastic visual representation of them!

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