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Keyse bares 'Flesh & Blood' with new single

Flesh & Blood Cover Art via Spotify

Midwestern artist Keyse truly bares all with this heartbreaking and powerful rock ballad. A stunningly told story of struggling through miscarriage, "Flesh & Blood" breaks down the walls of pain and shame behind fertility and women's bodies and opens up conversation about reproductive health through incredible vocals and alt-pop instrumentals.

The music video is beautiful with strong imagery of Keyse over childhood videos and laying on the floor, singing along with a glowing stomach.

"I'm so sorry that your time was short, and this heart still beats instead of yours."

Opening softly with just muted vocals and guitar before dropping into the first verse, "Flesh & Blood" takes a surprising turn into a beautiful alt/rock ballad. The bridge picks up even further before slowing down into the final chorus, picking up again at the end and finishing strong.

Keyse's lyrics are heartbreaking and paint the story of the pain she went through. "I'm sorry that my broken body cut to the end before the story, vessel's not capable of sustaining life." Talking about fertility issues is never easy, and being so open in front of the world is such an incredibly brave thing to do. In a world turning against reproductive rights, this song is a statement as much as it is a personal story of transformation and growth.

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