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Kaylee Lauren Interview: "Not Enough," Social Media, And More!

We sat down with Kaylee Lauren to talk about her musical background, her latest single, "Not Enough," her plans for the future, and more!

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Kaylee always had a passion for music and singing, as she was involved in musical theater when she was a kid. The pandemic made her crave that passion even more, and she decided to take that musical dream more seriously during quarantine, as she started posting covers on TikTok. She used to be caught up in being popular, and she was scared that pursuing music would give her a negative backlash. "Even if school opens up again, I'm following my dreams and I'm gonna do it," Kaylee said. With her first TikTok covers blowing up, she then decided to move to a newer account, write her songs, and contact local producers to pursue music on a more professional level.

Although "Rollercoaster," Kaylee's first single, allowed her to gain a following on TikTok, "Not Enough" started reaching more people through Instagram. The song was released in May this year and surpassed 500k streams. "Not Enough" goes deeper into Kaylee's insecurities, and it has resonated with many people on social media. Check out our review of the single here!

via @kayleelauren_

Kaylee has written about her insecurities and other deep thoughts and themes, and she often inspires herself in her hometown, LA: "I have a lot of memories everywhere, so I feel like I tend to go to the places that make me start to think about memories of my childhood or memories of being with someone."

Kaylee is ready to keep releasing music and bringing people together. She gave us a sneak peek of her next single! The title will be "My Heart's Not Yours," and the release date will be revealed next week! We're so excited to listen to Kaylee's new song!

She has also shared that she would love to do a headline tour and meet her fans in person to show them how grateful she is for their love and their support.

Check out our full interview with her below! And follow Kaylee on social media by clicking here!

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