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Joshua Bassett: A Night for the Fans

Joshua Bassett made a stop in Atlanta, GA on April 1, 2023. This was the 18th stop on his 2023 It’s Complicated Tour. The concert was held at Buckhead Theatre and the fans brought incredible energy that could be felt throughout the venue.

Lindsey Lomis by Kristian Brown

Before Bassett took the stage, the audience enjoyed a great performance from the tour’s special guest, Lindsey Lomis. This singer-songwriter performed many of the songs from her 2022 EP Daydreaming, such as “Daydreaming,” “call me when you get home,” “save your breath,” and “die with my friends.” Lomis even performed “Universe," an unreleased track from her upcoming EP Universe. The audience seemed to love her songs, performance, and her amazingly beautiful vocal runs. Lindsey Lomis definitely set a great vibe before Joshua Bassett took the stage.

Starting with a performance of his 2021 single “Feel Something,” Joshua Bassett took the stage, and fans were more than just excited. Bassett’s setlist included songs such as “Doppelganger,” “Secret," “LA," “Heaven is You," and “Sad Songs in a Hotel Room.” He had everyone in their feelings when he performed “Lifeline,” a song that details his terrifying visit to the hospital in January 2021. He also performed a medley of songs from his 2021 EP, Joshua Bassett. Fans went crazy when he performed his song “Finally Free” from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. During a section of his performance where he performs a different cover for each show, Bassett performed a partial cover medley of Harry Styles’ songs “Sweet Creature” and “Cherry.”

Joshua Bassett by Kristian Brown

Throughout the show, the energy from both the artist and the fans was more than intoxicating! Not only was his energy and performance awesome, but the way he interacted with his fans was top-tier. To perform his song “Common Sense," Bassett moved from the stage to the middle of the crowd where he was surrounded by all his fans singing along. He sang a few more songs while moving through the crowd, and he even went up to the balcony to interact with the fans in those seats. Joshua ended his show with a “Set Me Free” performance and an encore performance of “She Said He Said She Said.”

Joshua's show was a night full of pure energy, fun, and all-around great music! I definitely recommend checking out one of his tour dates before his tour comes to an end this May. Check out the rest of his tour dates here.

All Joshua photos are by Kristian Brown

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