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JAWNY Finally Creates The Album He Always Wanted

JAWNY, an Indie artist, singer, and songwriter born in California, recently announced that his newly curated album "it’s never fair, always true" will be readily available for your hands, eyes, and ears on March 3rd, which also happens to be the first date of JAWNY’s upcoming and highly anticipated tour! JAWNY will also participate in a headlining tour, bringing indie-pop icon Wallice along for the ride.

Photo by Adrian Nieto

JAWNY knows that music is ever-changing, and as artists grow, their tastes change, and more innovation is produced. A big part of his success revolves around his belief in letting his music evolve as he grows himself. In the past, JAWNY stuck to what he knew when it came to making music, but for this new record, JAWNY expresses that he wanted to produce the album he wished he could have made when he was starting his career back in 2018. “In comparison to the other one where I was just making music within my means, I wanted to make the dream record that I wish I could’ve made when I was 17 or 18,” he says. “I didn’t have the ability to the funds, the money, the time. How could I, at 18, get a whole team orchestra on a song? That would be virtually impossible.” Fortunately for JAWNY, his luck has turned around in recent years. While continuing the discussion around his album, he explains how he was finally able to fully stuff his musical roots into his present-day music and explore more artistic ideas and projects, proving that he can write serious, yet still meaningful songs.

“true” is JAWNY’s latest, sprightly single, released earlier this year. The somber yet playful track deals with the idea of being lonely while still deeply in love with someone. The track has been deemed to be quite popular, as it has earned over 983,662 views on Spotify. While vocalizing the inner workings behind his creative process, JAWNY describes his unique way of songwriting and how “true” came to be. “The way I write songs is I kind of fake them into existence. I had a voice memo out and I had a little chord progression going on the guitar. I just started pushing things out of my mouth. I don’t know where it’s going. When I start a word, I don’t know where the sentence is ending. It’s just kind of like concrete poetry, except you’re just using your mouth. You keep going. You have your iPhone on voice memo, keep playing the same chord progression, and just keep singing things until something sounds right,” he says. Sitting down at the studio and looking back through previously recorded voice memos on his phone, seeing if anything interesting comes up is another helpful tool that helps him spark his creativity.

Photo by Adrian Nieto

JAWNY depended on not thinking about it too much to put this album together. A strong focus of his is creating something he likes first over anyone else. Fans are important, and it’s essential for listeners to like what an artist puts out, but what JAWNY really wants is to make his creations the way he feels is right, which hopefully attracts the right type of audience that resonate with his art in the end. For this album, you can expect to hear fanciful rock melodies that paint a picture around the idea of how life and love trace together and notice that idea more as you go through life. Well-established fans will be happy to know "it’s never fair, always true" will include JAWNY’s current single “true,” as well as previously released songs “wide-eyed,” “adios,” “strawberry chainsaw,” and “take it back.” But don’t worry, there are plenty of fresh, newly-formed designs for your listening pleasure too.

To listen to more of JAWNY’s work, and score some tickets for his close-approaching tour, click here! If you want to keep up to date with JAWNY and his friendly antics, you can follow his socials here and here!

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