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JAWNY: A Night Through Pop's Quirky Underbelly

Indie-pop sensation JAWNY and rising star Wallice took the stage in Manhattan, NY, at Bowery Ballroom on March 31st, treating fans to an unforgettable night of infectious beats, quirky lyrics, and dynamic performances. From JAWNY's genre-bending sound and stage antics to Wallice's soothing voice and relatable lyrics, the two artists captivated the audience with their unique styles and energy.

JAWNY by Chinaza Ajuonuma

Following their show at Baby’s All Right two nights prior with the longest set list of the tour, JAWNY left the crowd buzzing and wanting more.

JAWNY by Chinaza Ajuonuma

JAWNY is known for his eclectic style, infectious beats, and captivating lyrics. Born in the ​​Bay Area, JAWNY has been making music since his early teens, mastering several instruments and honing his skills as a singer, songwriter, and producer. With breakout hits like "Honeypie" and "Sabotage," JAWNY has quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry, showcasing his unique blend of indie rock, funk, and pop. His raw energy and dynamic performances have

earned him a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim, setting him up for a promising future as one of the most exciting voices in music today.

JAWNY took the stage at Bowery Ballroom on March 22, manifesting a dream he had seven years ago of playing there. The venue was packed with fans and his label, eager to see the rising indie-pop star perform. JAWNY's set was filled with energy, including a mannequin dressed in a blonde wig and the same clothes as him, reminiscent of his new album's promo photos. He had some humorous moments like offending the entire crowd by saying LA was the best city in the world (despite knowing NY and LA are diametrically opposed enemies).

JAWNY by Chinaza Ajuonuma

Despite a few hiccups, like his capo falling off his guitar, JAWNY's set was a hit, and he even let the crowd take over and sing during "Lalala" like an acapella choir. He ended the night with a heartfelt speech about the music industry and capitalism before leaving the stage for a five-minute ovation.

While it was Wallice’s last show of the tour, JAWNY’s still going, ending the tour in Phoenix, Arizona. Stay tuned to Wallice and JAWNY’s socials for news of any upcoming performances.

All photos are by Chinaza Ajuonuma

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