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Introducing Lady Killer: A Review of "Julia"

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Cover image for "Julia" by Lady Killer

Lady Killer is a promising new artist I found through TikTok. Despite having only one released song, Lady Killer already has a strong vision for his musical journey, which he describes as “a blend of folk, country, and soft bedroom rock leading unsuspecting victims to extravagant love affairs, heartbreaking ballads, and the overall crisis of being a youth in America.” It’s safe to say I’m very excited to see where Lady Killer takes us next.

His first track, named "Julia," was released in June, and already has over 4,000 streams. I reached out to Lady Killer about the inspiration behind the song and he told me the following: "The song is about the unrequited feelings in relationships. It’s supposed to feel like you are fighting for someone’s attention. The song is an opener for a concept EP I am working on where it follows the early life of Lady Killer.”

In "Julia," Lady Killer draws inspiration from the summery sound of soft rock, reminiscent of The Walters, while still adding his own unique touch to the track. The polished production of the track, enhanced by layered vocals and seamless instrumentals, provides an effortless listening experience. The lyrics in the song are melancholy and reminiscent, creating a stark contrast that makes you sit back and really listen to what is being said, just as Lady Killer intended. He notes, “the soaring melodies accompanied by harrowing lyrics offer an interesting dichotomy for listeners who can’t help being hopeless romantics." And I totally agree.

While the track portrays a cheerful facade, the message hidden between the lines is filled with a profound sense of longing. Throughout the track, Lady Killer expresses a desire to be with a girl named Julia and despite his efforts to be with this person, he repeatedly finds her with someone else. Lady Killer is stuck in a cycle of heartbreak and betrayal. Lady Killer is deeply in love and "Julia" is filled with a sense of powerlessness as Julia seems to want anyone but him.

"Julia" serves as a prologue to Lady Killer’s story, an introduction to the myriad of emotions and stories that will unfold as he progresses in his musical career. Lady Killer’s first single delivers an emotionally charged narrative, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating more to the story in his upcoming EP.

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