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Interview with Never Coming Home

Musaholic Magazine recently had the pleasure of interviewing Never Coming Home via e-mail in preparation for their debut album and following their latest single, "Nevermind!" Never Coming Home also did an Instagram takeover for Musaholic Mag on 3/15 to share some behind the scenes of recording their album.

Courtesy of @owtierney

Layla: Where are you based?

Never Coming Home: Providence, Rhode Island.

Member(s) names and instruments?

My name is Aidan Sullivan, and I play guitar and sing co-vocals. My good friend Anthony Hefler is the other guitarist/vocalist, and our pal Merritt plays drums for us.

How long has Never Coming Home been together?

We first formed in March 2019 after meeting at a place called "School of Rock." Just a couple of months later, we booked our first show and haven’t stopped playing since!

Upcoming releases/tours?

We just recently dropped the first of four songs we recorded in 2022, "Nevermind!" We’re aiming to release the rest of the songs sometime this summer, as well as to embark on a tour across New England.

Biggest musical influences?

We definitely take a lot of influence from the pop-punk/alternative scene of the early 2000s. Some of our biggest influencers have undoubtedly been Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, and My Chemical Romance.

Best piece of advice you've received about pursuing music?

Just keep at it. Being a band through the pandemic, we’ve seen our fair share of setbacks. Plans always fall through, and something always goes wrong. When that happens, you just gotta brush it off and keep going.

What are some common themes in your music?

Not to sound too emo, but I think mental health and interpersonal relationships are some prevalent themes across most of our songs. Though all three of us have very different writing styles, melancholy tends to be woven into our lyrics, no matter who writes it.

If you could tour with one band/music artist (dead or alive) who would it be? (And why)

Definitely Modern Baseball. I never got to see them play live, and the only thing that sounds more exciting than seeing them is touring with them.

Courtesy of @owtierney

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