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Intervention: A Wild Night in Gainesville

On February 23rd, local Jacksonville band Intervention lit up Loosey's in Gainesville, Florida. Fans gathered in the homey bar that sits in the city's heart.

Intervention via Layla Brodbeck

The night started with Sports Reference and was followed by Rugh, then Intervention, all followed by Woolbright and The Real You. All the bands brought something different for attendees to enjoy and filled the local bar with familiar comradery, unique to concerts. Intervention played an action-packed set after Rugh, a female-fronted band with a promising outlook. Intervention has a sound reminiscent of early 2000s pop-punk powerhouses and incorporates emotionally charged lyrics with loud guitars and fast-paced vocals.

Intervention played a few songs from each of their albums, including "Cabin Fever" and "Target," from their debut album The World Is Screaming. Their shows are always an incredibly fun endeavor, and the members (Justin, Drew, James, and Nick) have amazing stage presence. The band recently concluded a tour around much of the Southeast before returning to Florida and playing more dates around their home state. Their performance included lots of fun interactions with the crowd and showed a wide range of the band's sound. This band has all the elements of popular bands such as The Story So Far, Real Friends, Citizen, and The Wonder Years; and has major potential to become one of your new favorites.

Intervention is already brinking on the edge of stardom, and it is only a matter of time until they make it big.

All images of Intervention and Rugh are by Layla Brodbeck


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